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No Boundaries

Strategy Check-in and 2020-2023 Priorities

As part of our No Boundaries strategy, we committed to complete a mid-point check-in with children, youth, families, students, staff and partners. The check-in recognized that healthcare system transformation is happening rapidly all around us while we continue to see increased volume and complexity in the clients and families we serve. 

As part of the check-in process, we recognized and celebrated our successes to date, examined the current environment and ultimately made choices about our future.

High-level insights from our strategy check-in


  • Our strategy is on track – The core elements of the No Boundaries strategy continue to be relevant and meaningful; for many it has created a lens for new ideas and ambitions
  • We have much to celebrate – families value what we have done and want us to deepen and accelerate our efforts to achieve the vision of No Boundaries
  • Our people are engaged and love what they do but feel the weight of the volume and complexity of work

Voices engaged as part of the strategy check-in

Check-in meetings with teams led by their leaders


3 strategy hives addressing

  • Health system transformation
  • Advancing research, education and care
  • Evolving care and services


Check-ins with family and youth leaders

Engagement sessions with

  • Families
  • System partners
  • Strategy council
  • Senior management
  • Board of trustees

As we look to 2020-2023 our
No Boundaries strategic priorities are:

Quality, Safety and Excellence

Spread leading practices for high quality, personalized, and connected care and services

  • Launch “Caring Safely” a framework for quality, safety and care that aims to make the right thing to do the easiest thing to do
  • Enhance focus on mental health and wellness for our clients, families and staff
  • Continue to use and invest wisely in technology, optimize Meditech Expanse and explore options for cost-effective, agile and digitally-enabled care and services

Research and Academic Impact

Complete the research growth plan; leverage our academic structures and strengths to impact care and the system

  • Complete Grow Holland Bloorview Research plan with new MRI suite, research space expansion, new scientists and new technology
  • Leverage our expertise and research to influence public policy, clinical practices and implementation of solutions
  • Drive implementation and adoption of clinical best practices
  • Expand impact of family leaders in health education through Families as Faculty

 Thrive Together

Set in motion and bring to life a people plan focused on health & wellness, growth & development and attraction & retention

  • Advance our organization as an inclusive, compassionate and healthy workplace
  • Nurture and retain people through enhanced personal and professional development
  • Attract, reward and retain the right people for the job
  • Explore agile staffing models to maximize access to services and enhance staff experience

Advancing No Boundaries

Much has been achieved in partnership with children, youth and families since the 2017 inception of No Boundaries. Many initiatives that began or progressed substantially will continue under the leadership of talented and committed team members. A few such examples include:

Dear Everybody

Breaking down disability stigma through Dear Everybody


Designing for accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion


Implementing key recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Navigational pin

Advocating and designing improved navigation/transitions across the lifespan with focus on health care/services

Project Search

Maximizing opportunities for spread of Project Search as a means to support school/employment transition

Kids Health Alliance

Influencing integrated systems of care for kids provincially and nationally through Kids Health Alliance and other partners and relationships

Donor Stamp

Mobilize opportunities for corporate partnerships, donor contribution and philanthropy