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No boundaries

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Strategic Plan 2017 — 2022

Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic we have extended the No Boundaries strategic plan into a sixth year ending in March 2023.

"We want for our children what every parent wants – for our son to grow up to be an adult who has a community, a sense of purpose, and to be loved."

- Parent

To reach this guiding vision, Holland Bloorview’s strategy for the next five years is to focus on three high impact areas – discover for action, personalize pathways and connect the system.

In all of these areas, Holland Bloorview will take an integrated approach to research, teaching and care.

We will drive all of our work by leading and modeling social change; mobilizing people and teams; co-creating with children, youth, families and alumni; and evolving client-centred quality and safety.


A future
with no

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Impact Area

Discover for action

Invent, discover and share new knowledge that has an impact

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Holland Bloorview’s research, teaching, technology development and innovation will be driven by a no boundaries philosophy. Children, youth and families will be involved in developing, testing and sharing new ideas that have the most meaning to them.

Ultimately, people will have better access to the most advanced, proven care, ideas and treatment. We will inform public policy to create change that helps children and families.

People will feel more connected to how knowledge is developed and spread and we will have smarter delivery of services. People across the world will use Holland Bloorview’s innovations and knowledge for better outcomes and experiences for children and families across their lifespans.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Prioritize teaching, knowledge development and rapid translation to bring cutting-edge research on game-changing topics as quickly as possible to clients and families here and across the world.
  • Build an intentional, focused program of capacity building related to the needs of children and youth with disabilities and complex or continuing conditions for health care, education, workplaces and communities.
  • Position ourselves as an innovation hub that blends research and development of new technologies, client-engaged design and creation, collaboration with external innovators and adaptation and promotion of promising ideas.
Impact Area

Personalize pathways

Personalize pathways for every child, youth and family at Holland Bloorview

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From the earliest age, children, youth and families will be supported in planning for their futures. Every child, youth and family will have an individualized portfolio of care and services that meet their unique needs.

This pathway will be developed through a variety of sources: evidence and knowledge; client and family need; and client and family choice.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Transform how clients access, enter and move through our system, from the first intake conversation. Every client and family will receive meaningful help immediately, through identification of their individual developmental goals.
  • They will have a unique portfolio of care and services that includes education, information, group and peer support, access to services and programs, research engagement and contacts for external resources.
  • The goals and portfolio will be frequently reviewed and refined by the client, the family and their interprofessional team throughout their journey.
  • Expand our use of virtual care and therapy to provide access when and where the child and family need it and to support transitions home and into the adult system.
  • Create and deploy technology that enables mobility, accessibility and independence, and positions Holland Bloorview to share health information with clients and families safely and securely.
Impact Area

Connect the system

Partner to drive integration of care and services

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Every child and family will feel fully supported by an integrated system of services, resources, education and information across health care and community, education and social service partners, as well as through transitions into adulthood.

Holland Bloorview will collaborate with other key partners to create connections, fill gaps and support navigation so clients and families have a more seamless experience.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • With partners, including the province, Local Health Integration Networks, City of Toronto and other health centres, identify gaps in services to children and youth (e.g. mental health needs, autism spectrum disorder, client transitions) and how to create seamless integration with services currently offered by Holland Bloorview and community providers.
  • Continue to advance the potential of the Kids Health Alliance for excellence, expertise and better integration of care, services, technology, research and learning.
Empowering Impact

Lead and model social change

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Advance awareness and deep acceptance of disability as part of the many facets of diversity that make each of us unique. We will create and model an inclusive, strengths-based world at Holland Bloorview through hiring practices, programming, accountability, accessibility and partnerships.

In partnership with allies, we will influence social change, learning and innovation so that everyone has multiple opportunities across their life span and environments to increase their capacity for equity, diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Collaborate to influence public policy related to inclusivity in schools, workplaces, health care and transportation.
  • Ensure our own environment fosters inclusion and is driven by the voices and experience of the widest possible range of children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families.
  • Use the insights of people with disabilities from diverse communities and their families to continually guide our decisions.
Empowering Impact

Mobilize people and teams

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Our environment, culture and infrastructure will foster collaboration and excellence in all we do and deepen strengths-based, compassionate care.

Everyone connected to Holland Bloorview will be mobilized to innovate; seek new knowledge; improve care and service; advance equity, diversity and inclusion; and rally support and philanthropy for our work.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Model courageous leadership that embraces risk taking and unleashes passion, creativity and growth in the organization and inspires a no boundaries ethos.
  • Enable innovation and the spirit of inquiry with novel collaboration practices and technology.
  • Mobilize opportunities for corporate partnerships, donor contribution and philanthropy.
Empowering Impact

Co-create with children, youth, families and alumni

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All priorities for care, research, learning and resource development will be shaped and informed by the full integration of children, youth and families into all of our work.

We will enhance access, capacity and availability of meaningful support for children, youth and families through a comprehensive, supported peer network.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Identify best practices and lead and develop the next generation of client and family integrated care and engaged research, building on Holland Bloorview’s existing strengths.
  • Create a formal alumni and peer network that leverages the experience of former clients, children, youth, families and staff and infuses their expertise into all services.
Empowering Impact

Evolve client-centred quality and safety

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We will strive for the highest quality care and safety in everything we do – our quality and safety measures will reflect what children, youth and families truly value.

Examples of Hallmark Initiatives
  • Ensure we are delivering the highest quality and safe care, services and supports at every touchpoint across the client and family journey.
  • Develop quality indicators that reflect what children, youth and families truly value and that measure and improve the experience of accessing services at Holland Bloorview and transitioning into the community.

Five year goals

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  1. New clients and families will feel included, supported and engaged with Holland Bloorview from the first moment of referral.
  2. Children with functional or developmental needs (including children with autism spectrum disorder) and their families will feel fully included in Holland Bloorview programs, services and experiences, regardless of diagnosis.
  3. All children, youth and families at Holland Bloorview will have client-centred, life-course based goals and outcomes that inform a portfolio of services they access at Holland Bloorview and in the community.
  4. Children, youth, families and alumni from diverse communities will be integral in advancing the highest standards for safety and quality in everything we do.
  5. Transition-aged youth and families will feel proud and ready to “graduate” from Holland Bloorview and, as alumni, will engage with Holland Bloorview and our clients and families.
  6. All families, youth, children and teams across Holland Bloorview will have opportunity to collaborate, discover and translate the most advanced and meaningful research and innovation into care, practice, education and policy inside and outside Holland Bloorview.
  7. Holland Bloorview staff, inter-professional teams, leaders and families will be empowered to bring innovations in access, quality, safety and capacity to life.
  8. Holland Bloorview will model equity, diversity and inclusion within all organizational practices and will become a model employer of people with a wide range of disabilities.
  9. Holland Bloorview will have measurable impact on policies and practices that support inclusion of children and youth with disabilities and optimal child development in health, school and social sectors.

Our mission

In unparalleled partnership with children, youth and families, we deliver outstanding personalized, inter-professional care; maximize function through cutting-edge treatment and technology; co-create groundbreaking research, innovation and teaching; connect the system; and drive social justice for children and youth with disabilities.

Our vision

The most meaningful and healthy futures for all children, youth and families.

Our values

Courage and Resilience

Strategy Council Members

The No Boundaries Strategy Council ensures the visionary, ambitious and engaging ‘No Boundaries’ approach that lived in the planning process continues into execution. This council provides leadership to ensure that “many voices, one vision” remains at the heart of our strategy execution. Our council includes “alumni” (former clients and youth leaders), physicians, frontline staff, managers, researchers, family leaders, health care professionals and members of the senior management team. The council helps ensure the hospital is on track to achieve the ambitious goals of our ‘No Boundaries’ strategic plan, as well as being ambassadors of our strategy.

If you have questions, comments or ideas for the council, please contact Sean Peacocke, Holland Bloorview’s manager of strategy, at speacocke@hollandbloorview.ca.